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RidgeStar stands behind one simple philosophy: We believe in establishing long-term client relationships by providing fair prices and excellent service. This translates into several unique benefits:

Quality customer service
RidgeStar people are friendly, approachable, and committed to providing quality service. Each member of our team specializes in a specific area, such as programming, graphic design, project management, or writing. We work together to provide innovative Web solutions with prompt and friendly service.

We act as your technical staff, providing full function service and support within the constraints associated with the services we provide you. You do NOT need to know HTML, speak unintelligible techno-speak, or anything of the sort. That's what we'll do on your behalf is take care of those issues.

Fair prices
Many Web companies break their services up into separate, costly fees, or will charge by how much they think you can afford, rather than by the actual value of their services. In contrast, we offer the same services and prices to everyone who walks through our door: all of our prices are listed up front and remain fixed at one single annual fee for a 12 month period, which is based upon the services you actually use. We show you dynamically how many Resources (services) that you are using so you can see in advance what the cost will be for renewal ("next year's" fee). This allows you to stick to your budgeting goals: you are in control!
Honest answers
We provide honest, clear information to counteract the hype surrounding the Internet industry. We enjoy helping people discover the possibilities and understand the limitations of the Internet.
Expertly crafted Sites
RidgeStar is committed to translating your ideas and vision onto the Web. With lots of years of combined programming experience, we know how to custom build the perfect tools for your site and are not afraid to break into new ground when the situation warrants it. We do NOT force your site into a fixed template, but try to provide a Site tailored to your needs.
Long-term commitment
We've been in business in the State of Washington as a locally owned and privately held company since 1982 (42 years young) and have an established, solid reputation for quality products and customer service. This reflects our belief that providing fair prices results in long-term stability which is beneficial to all parties.