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The creation, support, and operation of an Internet SiteSite and related Services can range from a very simple to a very complex operational structure. Providing general Internet Service also requires a unique combination of physical components (Servers, Hubs, Switches, Internet Circuits) and logical components (operating systems, HTTP Servers, databases), as well as operations and programming support (generally, people!). As indicated in the RidgeStar Service Agreement, RidgeStar (the company and the people behind it) provide these Services to its Clients, as deemed mutually beneficial.

Over the years, the Services industry has used several different "pricing models" intended to set Service Fees at a fair and reasonable amount, based upon the value received by the Client. At RidgeStar, we have assigned an adjusted numeric value to each service we directly or indirectly provide to our Clients. This "numeric value" has been named a RidgeStar Service Unit (or RSU). The sum of all these RSUs produces a quantitative total that indicates the volume of RidgeStar provided Services consumed by the Site over the course of a month.

How are Service Fees Established?

For the first service Period (usually, one year)
The Client describes the features and expected volumes for the new Site. RidgeStar (in conjunction with the Client) will assign a "Service Tier" for the site, based upon our experience with other similar Sites. The Service Fee selected is set based upon anticipated volumes AND the tasks RidgeStar must perform to deliver a functioning site for the initial service period
Renewal (after the first service period)
The average monthly RSU consumption associated with the Site during the immediately preceding service period will establish the RidgeStar Service Tier for the next service period. This may cause the Service Tier and related Service Fee to be adjusted (up OR down) at each billing

Services and RSU values

The following Internet Services have been assigned the corresponding adjusted RSU value (to permit all the resources to be utilized to set the Service Tier):

1Bandwidth0.5a Megabyte of data transferred (HTTP+SMTP)
2Disk0.15a Megabyte on disk
3DNS100a Domain serviced by DNS entries
4Email0.01Email message handled by the Mail Server
5Fields2a Field in a Database Table
6Graphics1a Picture or graphical file
7Hits0.00225an HTTP request for a file
8ListService200for each ListServ list
9OtherFiles0.05a file that is not a graphic or script file
10PHPFiles5an operational script file
11MailService1Mail Server Definition
12Records0.005a Record in a Database Table
13SSL10each SSL Certificate managed
14Tables50a Database Table
15TouchLine12a TouchLine User

Where "Resource" is defined as follows:

the number of characters (in megabyte increments) of information transferred from an Internet User to the RidgeStar Server or from the Ridgestar Server to an Internet User
the number of characters of information (in megabyte increments) stored on the RidgeStar Server's disk(s) to directly service your Site
the number of Sites and/or domains the RidgeStar is managing on your behalf
the number of Email Messages handled by Mail Service for a Domain
the number of database Fields defined in the Tables that make up your database (if applicable)
the number of files stored in your Site folders that end with the file extensions of GIF, JPG, or PNG
the number of HTTP requests for a Server based file that have arrived (each Page will require 1 or more Hits to service it)
the number of List Service definitions (ListServ) you have
the number of files stored in your Site folders that are not Graphics or PHP files
the number of files stored in your Site folders that represent HTML pages and/or script functions
the number of Accounts, Forwarders, and Aliases defined for your Account
the number of Records stored in all your database Tables (if applicable)
the number of SSL Certificates RidgeStar is managing and processing on your behalf
the number of defined database Tables in your Site's database (if applicable)
the number of distinct Users that utilized TouchLine in the last month