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Reference: RidgeStar-Production

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So....RidgeStar built a SiteSite for you and finished all the Getting Started stages. This page introduces you to the primary functions that you can expect from RidgeStar associated with your Site from this point forward. In short:

What can you expect from RidgeStar when your Site goes to "production status"?

Search Engines

If your Site includes the standard RidgeStar Publicity Service (included in ALL RidgeStar Service Packages) and you have not stopped us from doing so, we will submit your Site to the currently supported Search Engines.

Unless directed differently, we will review all the Site pages we've created for you and extract an appropriate summary of the page and place it into the META tag that many Search Engines use as the "Document Abstract", as follows:

<meta name="description" content="Document abstract">

We also scan the page content and extract the keywords that are central to the page's message, contents, or purpose. They are placed into the META tags "keywords" HTML tag, as follows:

<meta name="keywords" content="keyword1, keyword2, etc.">

Your site will be available for keyword searches on the various search engines when the search engines determine it is appropriate to add your site. The level, depth, and detail collected about your Site is a function of each Search Engine and your site may or may not be included (dependent upon the Search Engine's philosophy and management). See Reference: Internet-Search Engines for a little more background on this subject.

In most cases, you should start to see some activity from the Search engines within a week or two. Some may include your Site more quickly, and others will take longer (particularly those that require "human intervention"). Patience is a virtue in many cases, and certainly Search Engine derived traffic takes plenty of patience.

Clients Logon

When your Site moves to "production status" your RidgeStar Account Representative will provide you an initial password that will permit you to access the secured Clients area of the RidgeStar Site via the Logon function). This will give you direct access to information about your Account at RidgeStar and performance issues associated with it.

Post Production

If you have additional questions, concerns, or confusion once your Site goes "production", do NOT hesitate to contact your Account Representative (Email works best!!). Our goal is to make the Internet work FOR you, not confuse you. You'll start to see plenty of solicitations from "get rich quick" efforts. While our best general advice is the old Economics principle TANSTAAFL (There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch), if you're uncertain whether a particular solicitation is a good deal or not, just ask us.

Remember, a Site is simply a normal extension of your standard business or operation. Make it work for you and we'll do our best to help!